Month: February 2016

wedding cake topper

Begin with a very rough sketch.I was worrying that its a little bit too cartoonist….

I did not have enough clay for the two dolls, so I stuff some plastic food cling inside and then wrapped with skin tone color clay.  It turns out great!wedding cake topperwedding cake topper02 wedding cake topper03 wedding cake topper04 wedding cake topper05 wedding cake topper06

This one is from my wedding two years ago, definitely getting better ❤️‍

New hobby

One glitch and all my old post is gone😱, so I am restarting my blog.  I am adding a new kind of craft to my list, paper craft especially card marking and scrapbooking.  I was browsing a card for a friend the other day, there were so many option in the store but I still can’t find the one that I want. So I ask myself why not made one, then I will have exactly what I want!!

celebrate cupcake card

celebrate cupcake card02

celebrate cupcake card03

I am new with card marking so I watched many tutorial and project idea from other pro.  The stamping on the matching envelope for this cupcake card is a steal from jennifermcguireink.

u r awesome card

Merry Kissmoose card

And of course I got tons of new supply, lucky that I have my own craft room now❤️‍  yeah~