Let’s begin by gathering the material needed.

bell 00

1. Veg tanned leather (1.2mm to 2mm thick)
2. Clamp
3. Leather protector (wax/sealer/waterproofing)
4. Leather Dye (optional)
5. Sand Paper, Nail filer
6. Leather hole punch
7. Leather punch (for hole and straight line)
8. Wood filer
9. E6000 glue
10. Leather mode (You can search it at amazon or ebay, here is a ebay shop who sell these.  They come in different sizes.)
11. Brush for applying leather sealer/ dye
12. Scissor
13. Clip (Not shown in picture)
(optional) Leather Cord, Bell

Bell 01

1. Using a 3cm mold, with two piece of 9cm x 9cm leather.
2. Soak leather in water for 5 minutes, it will soften leather for molding.
3. Place leather in mold, wrong side facing upward and right side facing downward (hole).
4. Press mold with clamp.

Bell 02

5. Press clamp until its secured.
6. Make sure there is no gap in between the mold and leather.
7. Wait at least 24 hours or until it dried, release leather from mold (Should get two pieces, upper and lower part).
8. Trim the edge.

Bell 03

9. (optional) Paint leather with any color you want.
10. Seal leather will protector/ sealer.
11. Punch one of them with two holes using leather punch.
12. Cut a line between the two holes like the picture shown.  The other piece will be the upper part, punch two holes for handing leather cord or other accessories.

Bell 04

13. Thread leather cord.
14. (optional) Hanging a real bell inside so it can make real bell sound.
15. Apply E6000 glue on the bell edge, glue two parts together.
16. Secure them with Clip/ Binder clip.

Bell 05

17. When glue dried, file the edge with sand paper/ nail and wood filer until smooth.
18. Paint the edge and seal again.


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