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Vintage box






I found an old/beat up box in my storage closet, I think I got it from like 8-9 years ago.  It is a nice sturdy cardboard box, I don’t want to just throw it away so I wrap it with a layer of fabric and add some leather details to give it a new life.  Recycling is always good~~

New hobby

One glitch and all my old post is gone😱, so I am restarting my blog.  I am adding a new kind of craft to my list, paper craft especially card marking and scrapbooking.  I was browsing a card for a friend the other day, there were so many option in the store but I still can’t find the one that I want. So I ask myself why not made one, then I will have exactly what I want!!

celebrate cupcake card

celebrate cupcake card02

celebrate cupcake card03

I am new with card marking so I watched many tutorial and project idea from other pro.  The stamping on the matching envelope for this cupcake card is a steal from jennifermcguireink.

u r awesome card

Merry Kissmoose card

And of course I got tons of new supply, lucky that I have my own craft room now❤️‍  yeah~